The Jenesse Center gets a redesign with help from Nest Feathers and ASID Los Angeles Chapter

The Jenesse Center provides victims of domestic violence with a comprehensive, centralized base of support to assist them in addressing their immediate crisis and changing the patterns of their lives. Jenesse Center seeks to prevent and end the cycles of domestic violence through education, research, resources and advocacy provided to individuals, families, the community and agencies throughout the nation.

Nest Feathers’ mission is to provide professional interior design services and resources to families and individuals in need that would not normally receive these services. Our purpose is to manifest the abundance that exists in our community, and manage the unique opportunities that arise by connecting people of varied life experiences for a common goal.

ASID Los Angeles Chapter Designers and Industry Partners have joined together with Nest Feathers for a very special mission: To design, re-furbish, and decorate an entire three-bedroom apartment at the Jenesse Center for a very special family!

Our dedicated team has been busy raising funds; removing carpets; scrubbing walls; repairing and restoring sub-floors, closets and furniture; and gathering donated items. We are now preparing the apartment for the final phase: New carpeting and tile; paint; furnishings; and final touches!

“Thank you Nest Feathers and ASID Los Angeles Chapter for the beautiful opportunity to protect and improve the life of a very special family at the Jenesse Center!” ~ Laura D Schwartz-Muller Co-Chair

But friends, we need your help! We are completely donor supported. We need to purchase two twin bed sets for the children’s rooms and a double bed for mom. Your donation will make this happen! Any amount you could give would be greatly appreciated! Simply follow the link…It’s so easy! It will provide us with the much needed funding to complete this beautiful project. Thank you so much for your support!